Thursday, June 27, 2013


IMG_3292 IMG_3286
target top (here), target skirt, payless wedges.

I know he's cute, but don't let the little guy in the top picture fool you.  He's been freaking out lately every time we see other people or dogs on our walks, and we have to take him to the vet this weekend and a kennel over the 4th of July, and I'm terrified that he will be the worst-behaved dog anyone has ever seen and we'll somehow get turned away and/or viewed as the worst puppy parents ever.

Have I mentioned I'm kind of a worrier?  Anyway he's the sweetest little guy with Darryl & I and he loves his buddy Turk, he's just not a huge fan of the rest of the world (don't even get me started on cats).

Anyway, I guess I should say something about my outfit.  This is one of those tops where I'm trying to hold back ordering in every color.  Also, I promise I own an iron - I'll blame my wrinkled skirt on sitting at a desk all day.

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